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*What is PhoTab’s QR Code Workflow?

Wi-Pics QR Code Workflow is designed specifically for photographers using Wi-Pics PhoTab software. With PhoTab and a supported Bluetooth receipt printer, photographers. can configure PhoTab to automatically print QR-Coded receipts for each photo taken, while simultaneously uploading the photo to your website or photo retrieval server.

QR-Coded receipts can then be used to view the picture on any smartphone in seconds. Simply scan the printed QR Code with any scanner app on their cell phone to download the photo. Photos retrieved on a smartphone can quickly be shared on social networking sites, such as Facebook & Twitter.

Can’t host your QR-Coded photo’s? Let Wi-Pics host them for you!

QR-Code Picture Retrieval Service

Maximum Storage Maximum Downloads/Monthly Month Year
2 GB 8 GB $35. $165
5 GB 20 GB $60. $280

Wi-Pics QR-Code Retrieval Service is designed specifically for photographers using Wi-Pics PhoTab software and the QR Code Workflow with a supported Bluetooth receipt printer.

Printed QR-Coded receipts can be scanned on any smartphone to download the photo in seconds after it has been uploaded to our photo retrieval servers.

For more information on Wi-Pics QR-Code Retrieval Services, please contact us at

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